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What is My Aruban Advisor?

Written by Robert Falconi

Bon Bini to our family's blog.

These posts are our attempt to share with visitors from around the world the joys of Caribbean living. Our family has had the honor of welcoming guests from all around the world and introduce them to the warmth and hospitality of a real Aruban home. We want to share with you the asnwers to one of the most common questions of our guests:
"What do Aruba locals do for fun?"
There are a lot of answers for this question, as you can imagine. I can guarantee you that my wife and daughters will each come with completely different suggesttions than mine. Nevertheless, as you may imagine, we do spend time at some of the same restaurants and sights as our international friends, nevertheless, there is so much more to this tiny island. We want to share with you the things we love about this tiny pearl of the Caribean Sea, and start spreading the stories once only told to our guests. Knowing more about Aruba's history, our kitchen, our nature and our sites, together with hints of places to go will for sure teach you how to have fun like a real Aruban.
Feel free to come and join our family when you visit our island next time, but if you already have a place to stay you can always approach us if you need inspiration!

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