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Zeerovers Savaneta

Written by Jillian Falconi


It is tough to be the one following my dad's Aruban Chef review, but I am definitely joining him by keeping my review in the Authentic Aruba genre.


A few days back, after scuba diving the Air Aruba Wreck near Oranjestad, my sister, my husband and I decided to drive up to Savaneta and have lunch at Zeerovers. We have never been there before, but got curious because we heard about the concept on the radio... and... one of the guys at the dive shop that day could not stop blabbing about how cheap the beer was there over there!


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So we drive up to Savaneta, and I reminiscent on the fact that I don't visit this side of the island enough. If you feel like a drive through Aruba, this area has some really nice beaches to offer with plenty of sea life and crystal clear waters. The Mangel Halto area for example is not only an amazing diving spot but also has great snorkeling and sunbathing beaches. The view of the mangroves in this area is simply stunning!

Mangel Halto



As we near Zeerovers we see the pirates flag dancing in the air, at first sight you would not even imagine you could eat here. The place is extremely raw, a simple building with an open air bar area, a pool table and a small section with tables and plastic chairs overlooking a pier. My favorite thing about it was that every once in a while you see a fisherman dock on the pier to unload his day's catch, while other fishermen gut their catch in a corner nearby.

My Aruban Home - Zeerovers


We walk up to this lady, and watch her as she sells fresh fish to this old man from a little shack. There is no menu nor stove at sight, so we were pretty curious what we were getting into. When our turn arrives she can immediately see we were a bunch of rookies, and with a big smile she explained the concept.

Zeerover Order


The first question she asked was what you wanted to eat? As she said this, she opened the fridge and showed us a nice cut of "mulato" fish on one hand and in the other a bag with whole shrimps. Next comes how much? You pay by the weight rather than the plate, so if you are a group of people you are better off ordering too much than too little, since you need to pay a fixed cooking charge if you go for multiple servings. As we make our choice she throws the raw pieces on a piece of newspapers and preps it for the kitchen...

My Aruban Home - Zeerovers


All servings come with a portion of fries and fried plaintains, nevertheless, I would recommend you to ask for the pan bati (Aruban bread) and home-made pickled onions (pica di sibollo) as they really complement the fish well. Once you're done making these choices the fish you chose is deepfried and served at your table in a big basket for everyone. Forks are optional, as this is a place where you are expected to eat with bare hands...

My Aruban Home - Zeerovers

Our family agrees on the fact that this place is perfect if you want a cheap and down to earth environment, but you better prepare yourself to have greasy fingers!


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  • Deb Stoebel-Grout
    14-06-2011 20:55
    in January 2011 we are at Zeerovers for the first time and were extremely pleased with the entire experience! We'll be back in Janaury 2012!! wonderful food, very reasonably priced, friendly staff, and beautiful sunset!!!!! we recommend Zeerovers highly!!!

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  • Yes I Do Aruba
    21-04-2012 15:16
    HI Madame/Sir
    My name is Norlene Edwards am a wedding Planner, I have a client who are interesting in having her wedding reception at your restaurant. am interesting in a few info about the restaurant including menu, bar and setup.please contact me at your earlest convenience. Tel: 7397961
    Thank in advance


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  • Emir
    19-07-2013 10:04
    I remember the first few days Natalee was mssiing, I searched in and around the brush field across the street from the Holiday Inn just to see if maybe she was accosted by someone aftter hours outside the hotel or whathaveyou and left close-by it seemed logical. I didn\'t find anything unusual (except for a handful of Fox News camera men ), and that land has since been cleared for a mall and condos (if im not mistaken, mall at least for sure). One thing i am certain of is this: There are too many factors some known and some not known, for anyone to pass judgement. Just because the Holloway-Twitty family, along with the Nancy Graces and Bill O\'Rielys have convicted Aruba and everyone who lives here does not mean that this is an evil\' place That\'s just rediculous. Nobody on the trip (and nobody related to Natalee mean\' parents, possible ex-boyfriends or perhaps horny male high-school classmates who thought they might have a shot while drunk and in the Caribbean) has been investigated or polygraphed by the FBI or the Aruban/Dutch authorities because they have been so busy doing damage control BECAUSE American media has convicted the three young men. If the FBI wanted to interrogate Beth, their would be outrage at such a suggestion. But, there are strange coincidences. 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