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Under the Sea

Written by Jo-Ann Falconi

I have to admit, my fascination for diving did not start when I was in Aruba. The first time I got introduced to the world beneath the clear blue water was during the summer of 2010. My sister and I decided to go together to Sharm El Sheikh, a city undoubtedly known to divers. It was in de Egyptian Red Sea where I first got acquainted with a heavy tank on my back and breathing through a regulator. Before entering the water I thought to myself, “this is insane, am I actually going to go diving?”. I never thought of myself as the diver type, but once I jumped into the ocean and witnessed the beauty which lies within 40 feet below sea level I was astonished, to say the least. I could not believe I was officially a discoverer of the sea.

Last Christmas, I decided to spend it at home, in Aruba. Of course, the primary reason for me going to Aruba would be to spend this time with my family and friends whom I had not seen in a year, but secretly I was dying to go diving once again. I started doing some research on the various diving schools in Aruba, and in the end I decided to obtain my advanced open water diver license at the S.E.Aruba Fly'n Dive. It is located right next to the Aruba Beatrix Airport, and it is very well known due to its international crew.

I had heard amazing stories of divers who had gone to Aruba to explore the Caribbean Sea and its wonders, and o where they right. Aruba is known for its many wrecks lying around. Moreover, the reef, which goes along the shore from Oranjestad all the way to Baby Beach, offers a great diversity of dive sites as well. My favorite dive site was the Sonesta Airplanes (70-90’/24-30m), where you get to go through the sunk plane. The feeling is indescribable, excitingly claustrophobic. I was also lucky enough to fly through the ocean with a turtle, a passenger not seen much around this dive site.

Sonesta Shipwreck


Another site worth checking out is The Fingers (20-120'/7-30+m), where you will find an innumerable species of corals and sea life. I had never seen such a great amount of fish around me, I almost felt like one. The Fingers is also the site where I had the opportunity of night diving. At first, I was extremely tense, the idea of not being able to see anything under water was killing me. However, as soon as I reached the bottom I was thunderstruck by the intense colors which came to life while diving.

Diving at Antilla

You might think of me being a patriotic Aruban whom is marketing her island, but truly, I was amazed by its beauty myself. It took me 23 years to go diving on my own island, all I can think to myself is, “what took me so long”. 

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