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  • Zeerovers Savaneta
      It is tough to be the one following my dad's Aruban Chef review, but I am definitely joining him by keeping my review in the Authentic Aruba genre.   A few days back, after scuba diving the Air Aruba Wreck near Oranjestad, my sister, my husband and I decided to drive up to Savaneta and have lunch at Zeerovers. We have never been there before, but got curious because we heard about the concept on the radio... and... one of the guys at the dive shop that day could not stop

  • The Aruban Chef
    The month of December was a great one as we had our whole family in town and we get to play tourists in our own country. Not too bad I must say when living in a Caribbean Paradise. During one of our nights out one of my daughters suggested that it could be fun if we start reviewing the restaurants we were visiting as a way to help those vacationing on Aruba think outside the Palm Beach strip and discover something different. I must admit that most of the time my hunger got the best of me and I

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